Filter Your Air With This Amazing Hanging Contraption, Powered By Plants

Designed by Elaine Tong from the Responsive Architecture program, at the University of Toronto, the unit uses the natural properties of plant roots to extract toxins out of the air. The plants are housed in glass, and nurtured by hydroponics. Air is fed in one end, and pushed out the other, purifying it in the process, the way nature (sort of) intended.

Explains Tong: “The structure is based on the geometry for maximum spatial flexibility. The modules lock together to form a structural wall or ceiling system. Each module is glazed for light exposure, and acts as a micro greenhouse. The plants are sustained by a water misting infrastructure that calibrates the delivery of water through the use of humidity sensors and atomizers.

It’s certainly a lot more attractive than a bulky mechanical filtration system, though, for the moment, it’s still at the concept stage.




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