This simple, elegant, absolutely perfect tree house in Whistler, Canada belongs to a guy named Joel Allen who decided to abandon his software career at 26 so he could have adventures. Instead of following a conventional path, he spent months in a “sport sleeping” competition with a friend, lived out of his car, and picked up carpentry when he realized he needed money. On a whim, he decided to design and build a tree house. 

The perfect tree for his sleek, modern, egg-shaped home happened to reside on crown land, near a neighborhood of wealthy homes, so he built it in secret, sneaking supplies into the woods. Though the project required more time and money than he originally thought, he worked diligently and lovingly for months, and only interrupted the project to make a trip to slovenia and fall in love. 

He brought the girl back to the tree house and the spent many more months sneakily constructing the egg, using materials they found for free on Craigslist to avoid raising the cost of the project any higher.

Finally, the randomly-conceived plan came to fruition, and the chic, cozy house stood, and still stands, hugging a tree, looking out over the mountains, it’s organic shape perfectly complementing it’s surroundings. 

Joel tells the story of his awesome HemLoft casually and hilariously on his website, About the motivation behind his unique dwelling, he simply writes, 

” ‘I guess… I just wanted to build something cool.’ 

It seemed too simple, but it was true. The driving force behind the whole thing was a simple, yet inexorable desire to build something cool. There were no practical motives or profound meanings. The fact that it was hiding below some of the richest properties in Western Canada wasn’t a political statement, it just happened to be where I found the perfect tree. And building with free materials wasn’t out of some principled ideal, it was just the only avenue I could afford. In the end, I was mysteriously compelled to build something cool, something beautiful… and apparently, I was willing to go to maniacal lengths to make it happen.”



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